Angel Protection Healing Crystal Pack


This crystal pack has been designed and named to incorporate a unique crystal angel figurine so that you can have the benefit of an angel to help and guide you.  This particular pack is tailored towards protection to keep help keep you safe. 

This pack includes 1 x Amethyst Angel, 1 x Black Tourmaline Tumblestone, 1 x Selenite Tumblestone, and 1 x Smokey Quartz Tumblestone.

Amethyst is known as a protective stone.  It is great at guarding against psychic attack and can help to relive pain including physical, emotional, and psychological pain.  

Black Tourmaline transforms dense energies in to lighter vibration, this makes it great at protecting during rituals and it also is a grounding crystal so helps to protect during meditation. 

Selenite has a fine vibration and is a clam stone.  IT can be used in grid to form layers of protection and is great at ensuring outside influences do not hinder your judgement.

Smokey Quartz has finally been added as it is one of the most effective grounding and anchoring stones.  It has strong links with earth and base chakras that keep you protected at all times.  

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