Bewater Magic Fresh Glass Bottle - Peridot and Rock Crystal


Part of Bewater's Magic range, this beautiful 650ml glass water bottle contains Peridot and Rock Crystal Healing Crystals. The Magic range is designed to re-ignite your sense of wonder at the world as everyone needs a little magic in their lives. This range is all about bright colours and sparkling combinations bringing the water bottles to life.

Peridot is a powerful cleanser. It helps to release and neutralise toxins making this a great crystal to have inside your water bottle. It also alleviates jealousy, bitterness, irritation and hatred. It opens our heart to joy and new relationships. This crystal enhances confidence and new levels of awareness so use it at work to enhance your business relationships and become more assertive and honest with your colleagues. The fresh approach!

Each bottle comes in a lovely presentation box and are approx. 24cm in height. The bottle has a steel lid and base and is made from BPA free glass. The crystals in the bottles can be charged as per your normal method. Note - the glass bottles are dishwasher safe, however the insert must be removed before washing and should be hand washed only

Please note - the size of the insert inside the glass bottle can vary in height. This varies depending on the size of crystals used when the bottles get manufactured.

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