Digital Detox Healing Crystal Pack


Each day the number of electronic devices we use and are exposed to, continues to grow, whether it is our day to day mobile phones and laptops, or systems as advanced as voice control home entertainment systems or heating controls. These devices all output electromagnetic fields (EMF), which when exposed to in some people can lead to feelings of tiredness, dizziness, a lack of concentration and sensitivity to light and noise. Healing crystals can help deflect some of these electromagnetic fields, so we have put together a crystal pack which contains crystals that are said to help lessen the effects of these devices.

This pack includes 1 x Shungite Tumblestone, 1 x Pyrite Tumblestone, 1 x Black Tourmaline Tumblestone, and 1 x Hematite Tumblestone and comes with a printed guide explaining the various properties of the crystals and instructions on how to get the best out of your pack. These all come in a black organza bag to keep them safe

Shungite is an ancient crystal, which is one of the worlds oldest Hydrocarbon based rocks, and is a great crystal to protect yourself from EMF, as it contains fullerenes, which are able to magnetise, neutralise, and destroy free radicals while remaining intact, making Shungite a powerful absorbing stone. A strong grounding stone, this is the go to for shielding against EMF frequencies 

Pyrite is a strong crystal to protect against EMF, particularly frequencies generated through laptops and computers, although you must ensure the crystal isn't placed to close to the device as this can cause issues with performance. Pyrite works by absorbing and dampening the fields 

Black Tourmaline is a great all round protective stone against all kinds of energies and works to purify the area where they are located by converting the negative energy into positive energy. Because of this, these crystals are great to keep near electronic devices, however it is recommended to cleanse regularly due to the work this crystal does with energy (see our crystal cleansing guide here)

And finally Hematite is included as it absorbs negativity and can help you feel more balanced and central, negating any feelings that may be being felt from a long exposure to EMF - think of this crystal as being able to cut through and clear any electromagnetic fog you may be feeling


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