Fire Element Bracelet, Crystal & Necklace Pack


The four elements bring meaning and illumination to your life. This collection brings together crystals that represent the "Fire" element, which brings a sense of fulfilment to your life and is closely associated with the sun. The Fire element and associated crystals promote courage, strength and passion, whilst generating a feeling of protection and are particularly associated with the Aries, Leo & Sagittarius star signs, although anyone can benefit from the metaphysical properties of this amazing set

Each pack comes beautifully presented in an organza bag with a card insert guide and includes a stone chip bracelet, a wire wrapped necklace (and snake chain) and three crystals all representing the element. Included in this pack is:

  • Carnelian Wire Wrapped Necklace & Snake Chain
  • Red Jasper Stone Chip Bracelet
  • Black Obsidian Polished Tumblestone
  • Hematite Polished Tumblestone
  • Black Tourmaline Polished Tumblestone

Crystals may vary slightly from the ones shown in the images due to the natural nature of this product

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