Good Luck Healing Crystal Pack


Everyone needs a bit of good luck sometimes, so we have created a pack with a selection of stones that enhance your opportunities and good fortunes

The pack comes with a printed guidebook which explains the benefits of the crystals and an organza bag to keep the crystals safe. The following tumblestones are included in this pack:

  • 1 x Citrine
  • 1 x Malachite
  • 1 x Amazonite
  • 1 x Green Aventurine
  • 1 x Labradorite

Citrine is known as "The Merchants Stone" and is a stone of abundance. It is said to bring wealth and prosperity to the user so it a great crystal to enhance your levels of chance

Malachite is a great lucky crystal as it is said to prevent the user from suffering misfortune and can be used to bring success in projects and businesses

Amazonite is known as "The Lucky Hope Stone" and is said to bring luck to all your dreams and aspirations, empowering the user to bring their dreams into reality

Aventurine is known as one of the luckiest crystals and is said to boost the users chances of winning in any given situation

Labradorite is said to increase the amount of good coincidences you experience and is known as "The Good Luck Stone", attracting fortune and success

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