Jet Polished Tumblestone Healing Crystals


Jet is created from when pieces of woody material are buried, compacted and then go through organic degradation, which is then combined with heat in the earth. As such, Jet is not a crystal as it doesn't have a crystalline structure and is made from organic matter. Because of this lack of structure, Jet is very unique as it is incredibly light compared to other stones

Also known as Black Amber, Jet is a wonderfully grounding stone and is known to give the user physical, emotional and spiritual guidance, promoting balance and harmony and is said to relieve the user of sadness

Jet has the ability to draw out negative energies and dispel them and give you protection in your body, heart, mind and spirit and is an incredible stone to have on your person

Actual stone may differ slightly from the image shown and will weigh approx 6g each. Stones are sold individually

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