Keep Calm & Be Confident Interchangeable Keyring Pack


We have carefully designed a great little gift. These packs come with an interchangeable keyring so you can carry the crystal you want.

This particular pack has been specifically targeted to include crystals to help keep you calm and collected throughout the day, and also to make you feel positive and confident.

This pack includes:
1 x Lepidolite
1 x Black Tourmaline
1 x Angelite
1 x Amethyst
1 x Rose Quartz

Simply swap the crystal in and out of the spiral cage (the cages are quite flexible without breaking to allow you to do this) and carry the one you want for that day. Please note that the organza bag colour may vary. 

For each crystals particular healing properties please click on the links above to go to product description for each crystal to learn more.

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