Relax & Revive Bath Fizzer


Make bath time that little bit more special. 

Made with the best ingredients, this bath fizz is truly brilliant. It has a Lavender and Marjoram scent. Lavender is renowned for being great for helping people relax and relieving tension so you can imagine how relaxing and therapeutic a bath would be with these fizzes in. They are ideal for giving as gift or just for buying as a little treat. 

Each bath bomb comes beautifully packaged in tissue paper, all inside a lovely box presentation box - just drop the bomb into your bath and enjoy! Bath bombs are sold individually and weigh approx 200g

Ingredients - Sodium BicarbonateCitric AcidAquaLavendula AngustifoliaLinaloolThymus MastichinaLimoneneGeraniolLavendula VeraCI 42090

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