Roller Ball Essential Oil Diffuser - Red Aventurine


Why not give a twist to your essential oils and give them some crystal energy.  These gemstone bottles have crystals inside which when your essential oils, perfumes, other fragrances are added allows the liquids to infuse with crystals passing the crystal energy on. 

A perfect way to keep small amounts on you and easily transportable. Why not mix up your own blend and discover some great crystal infused combinations. 

This product contains Red Aventurine chips and rollerball -  this crystal is a stone of manifesting desires. This lovely coloured healing crystal draws from fire and earth and is known revitalise your energy and boost physical vitality. 

Each bottle is sold separately without any fragrance or liquid inside.  To add liquid simply unscrew the cap and carefully take the plastic stopper that holds the gemstone rollerball out from the glass container.  You can then add as desired and replace the plastic stopper and rollerball. 

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