Scorpio - Sign Of The Zodiac Healing Crystal Pack


Scorpios are known to be resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn and for people associated with them, they are a true and trusted friend, however they can be suspicious and wary of others. With that in mind this this crystal pack has been designed and also represents each of your birthstones.

This pack includes one of each of the following crystals -  Clear Quartz, Yellow Jasper, Labradorite, Black Obsidian, and Smokey Quartz and comes with a guide book that explains the contents of the crystals and the relevance to the Scorpio sign. All of this comes beautifully presented in an Organza bag

Alternatively you can choose the crystal pack without the guide book and download the free guide to print out and keep with your crystals. Select "crystal pack only" from the drop down if you wish to do this


Clear Quartz harmonises the chakras, heals and also amplifies energy so you will have the best health and energy to ensure your resourcefulness is maximised to it's full potential

Yellow Jasper whilst not specific to any zodiac sign is known to particularly benefit Scorpio's as it is known as a strong protection gemstone, particularly for friendship.

Labradorite strengthens your intuition and can help protect your aura, perfect for those situation where you are feeling wary and need to trust your instincts.

Black Obsidian is perfect for grounding and as Scorpio's are known for their emotions can be a great way of releasing negative of excess energy

And finally Smokey Quartz helps you release any feelings of stubbornness or secretivity allowing your expressions to come through.

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