Protection & Grounding Healing Crystal Pack


Everyone needs the ability to protect and ground themselves from negative and electrical energies, so we have here a collection of crystals that work together to do just that

This pack contains 1 x Black Tourmaline, 2 x Hematite, 1 x Black Obsidian, 1 x Red Jasper (all tumblestones) and comes with a printed guide and organza bag to keep the crystals safe 

Black Tourmaline is a great stone to protect against EMF energies, and is known as a symbol of protection throughout the world. A must have stone to place around the home for protection against harmful or negative influences

Hematite is renowned for its grounding properties which acts by protecting the soul and grounding it back to the body. Hematite also absorbs negative energies and disperses them away from the user, providing a sense of calm when exposed to stress and worry and increases the users focus

Black Obsidian has similar qualities to Hematite in that it grounds the soul in to the physical planes. A strong psychic protection stone, and helps shield the user against negativity, providing a deep spiritual cleanse to the user

And finally we have Red Jasper, which carries a strong spiritual grounding energy and vibration, linking to the lower chakras and has been valued for its healing and protection energies since ancient times


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